Artist Statement


My current body of artwork is based on the premise that fantasy and reality are always clashing in our consciousness, particularly with our dreams. I feel no matter how we may change and advance technologically, the human consciousness reverts to instinctual traps. Based on this, my paintings are visual descriptions of the cycle of humankind repeating its past; while simultaneously illustrating the beauty of the natural world and our relationship to it.

Shrines are prominent subjects in my paintings. I explore how within society, cultures develop a desire to move away from perceived old and insignificant rituals into a newer and more enlightened present. The rituals however continue. The shrines are not destroyed; they are just shifted into different forms and ceremonies. My paintings narrate the rituals of our ancestors in a more contemporary form, with very similar intentions behind them.

In my paintings, I juxtapose different painting techniques with strong foreground imagery, visual background hints and thought invoking titles to engage the viewer. The symbolic portent aspect of my titles are used to evoke the many layers of narrative, multiple themes and dual meanings with in my artwork.

© Thomas Frontini 2017